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How to read and plot .nc4 or .nc files?

The Network Common Data Format (NetCDF) is a self-describing scientific data access interface and library developed at the Unidata Program Center in Boulder. For reading and plotting data of a NetCDF file, you should work with different programming languages such as MATLAB, NCL, R, Python, and etc., and usaully it is not an easy process for scholars and researchers.

The most important components of a NetCDF file are attributes (Attributes hold metadata about data and files), Variables (Variables hold multi-dimensional arrays of data), and Dimension (Dimensions are used to define the shape of data in netCDF). By learning these components, you can find out the content of a NetCDF file.

Since reading and extracting content of NetCDF file is not an easy and simple process, therefore Agrimetsoft has tried to develop a new tool for reading, extracting and plotting NetCDF files, in a user-friendly environment, which name is NetCDF Extractor. By using Netcdf Extractor Version 2.1, you can read every netcdf or netcdf4 file. You can read your time series in each grid or regions by Netcdf-Extractor and you can merge many .nc files and read data in one run. Netcdf Extractor Version 2.1 has a API for plot contour and heat-map graphs for any regions.

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