I don't know, does the software can extract data from my netcdf file or no?

Which software do you mean? For extracting and reading NetCDF files, Agrimetsoft has developed different tools withh various options. For checking every of versions you can visi NetCDF Tools. Please download demo and open your .nc file. If it can open file correctly, definitely it can do it. Actually, it means that your variable in your .nc file has shown correctly.

For better understing of the processes which every of the tools can present, let's to review of them: 1- The first version of NetCDF tool is "NetCDF Viewer". In NetCDF Viewer the user can show the variables of your files and present how many dimensions each variable has., 2- NetCDF Extractor: In NetCDF Extractor, the user can extract and save data (time series) from NetCDF and NetCDF4 files. One of the perfect characteristic of the NetCDF Extractor is: extracts data from several NetCDF files, this is so important for preventing errors and save time.3- NetCDF Matlab: In NetCDF Matlab version, the user can read and convert any NetCDF files to Mat-file. It is so applicable for researchers that they work with Matlab programming. 4- Open NC File: In this version of NetCDF the user can open and read data by using the list of coordinates of the stations.

If you can't work with different programming languages such as MATLAB, R, NCL, and etc., by checking NetCDF Tools, you can easily work with NetCDF files without any concerns. Just visit the NetCDF link, then you can able to extract NetCDF files, view NetCDF files, read NetCDF files, and convert NetCDF files. By using the NetCDF Tools, you can save your time!