can we use netcdf extractor for trial version?

NetCDF Extractor is a windows tool for extract data from NetCDF files, so, all of NetCDF users need it for a few days and they can extract data in this time. We developed a demo version of NetCDF Extractor and it is downloadable in our website. When you install the NetCDF Extractor demo version you can open NetCDF file and view variables and its dimensions and the environment of the tool. If the tool can open your files, so you can use the registered version. For using the registered version, you would purchase a key in FastSpring Co. After you buy it, we will support all NetCDF users to extract data from his/her NetCDF files.

NetCDF is a set of software libraries and machine-independent data formats that support the creation, access, and sharing of array-oriented scientific data. These data are quite large, which is another characteristic of real data. We have developed different versions of NetCDF which all of them can extract data with various facilities. You can visit the link for beter clarification: (NetCDF Windows Software Tools)

Name: mohit