How to find the distribution of data?

You should know about the data. What is your data? Is it integer data? or real data? or zero and one data(true and false)? The type of data is so important. If you have real data less than zero so you can not use Gamma Distribution Fitting. If your data is true/false data so you can use Bernoulli Distribution Fitting or Bionominal Distribution. You can use Normal Distribution Fitting for real data.

You can use the Online Distribution Fitting to check all these distributions. This is an online tool for fitting and calculating distributions. If you have data and you want to find the best distribution for your data and calculate probability based on your data. So, firstly, you use the fitting pages of distributions and find the best distribution. Then enter the parameters of the best distribution in its calculator to find the probability of distribution based on your data.

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Watch the below video to know about How to find the distribution of data by checking Normal Distribution.